Integrated Survey & Modeling solution to
Simplify construction projects

Cross platform Xamarin solution for quick and easy architectural surveys in commercial projects




.Net, Xamarin, MSSQL, WPF


North America

The client is an established leader in architectural surveys and modeling services, with vast experience in handling large projects. They were experiencing delays in projects due to manual modeling templates being used by surveyors. We proposed a cross platform Xamarin solution for fast surveys and a desktop application for further processing of requirements gathered.


A single entity which will work for surveyors to capture information and then later process the requirements was the primary need. Manual processes at present, caused delays in processing and also added to unnecessary document overheads.


We built a cross platform Xamarin solution, enabled with a 2D free hand drawing tool with pre-existing shapes for simple survey processing. Photos captured were further annotated for dimensions and specifications employing the 2D tool, resulting in a simplified requirement gathering, with client specific templates.


The cross platform Xamarin solution enabled fast surveying of sites and the integrated system ensured filled survey templates with appropriate images were send back to the server for next step processing.