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A mid-sized asset management software provider based out of Naperville, Illinois, was undergoing corporate restructuring. Operations were being upgraded with multiple workflows, process retuning, and redesigning of the IT architecture.


The client’s legacy desktop application had served them for almost two decades. But with the growing presence of distributed applications over the cloud, they were seeking more flexibility, scalability, and primarily ease of access. Furthermore, with an expanding customer base and the rising need for agile and robust architecture, they began feeling the heat.


The operational hiccups arising from the desktop asset management software included the following:

  • Rising infra costs accompanying the increasing operational workload
  • Time and effort in manually creating accounts and onboarding clients
  • Multiple admin interfaces adding to workflow complexity
The client reached out to Nalashaa in its pursuit of a silver bullet to the problem. Having a .Net background for Desktop, the client preferred to continue with the same. Nalashaa proposed an MVC 5 application that would be lightweight and provide code and maintainability benefits. The team built custom JavaScript tab designs that enable users to revisit pages of their needs and retain the page state, allowing the client and their end customer to work efficiently.

For a successful cloud transition, it’s critical for enterprises to select the right cloud service provider. Azure offers hybrid solutions, PaaS, and a wide range of features that are important for any Cloud strategy today. Consequently, it comes to the fore as a considerably better choice compared to other cloud options.

The team built a multi-tenant solution with centralized administration on Azure to maintain a common code base and run common instance(s) of the application. It granted isolated data silos to all entities to ensure data confidentiality. The client can now manage multiple customers via a single interface with inbuilt data privacy. The system helps customers to maintain multiple catalogs, products, assets with ease. The team re-used the existing code base to speed-up processes and ensured that functionalities on the legacy application exist on the cloud as well.

  • It refactored and removed 30% of the code that was redundant and stale.
  • The SaaS architecture was designed to read the database dynamically for different customers using a single code base.
  • Azure Web App was mapped to custom domains for better branding and the ease of handling multiple tenants.
  • All high-volume data load from the entity framework was moved to database store procedures, and along with optimization of query strings, it improved data load by 50%.
  • Files and caches were stored in Microsoft Azure blobs to accelerate their reading and storage.
  • Customer information was stored in Redis Cache, a server-side cache mechanism quickening data retrieval.
  • Optimized process efficiency – Improved outcomes and better scalability
  • Expedient maintenance, updates, and upgrades – Ensures business continuity
  • Multi-tenant application – Flexibility of on-boarding new customers
  • Reduced dependency on hardware – Substantial saving on operating expenses
  • Simultaneous and safe release to multiple customers – Quicker response and user satisfaction
  • Authentication, access control, and encryption for data safety – Zero downtime and no loss of productivity
  • Ubiquitous data access – Promotes collaboration and operational flexibility
  • Ad-hoc reporting - Helps compute depreciation and assess P&L statement instantly

Technology Stack

  • Microsoft Azure
  • C# 6.0
  • ASP.Net MVC 5 & .Net Core 3.1 API
  • Azure SQL database
  • Telerik & Grape-City Active Reports

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