Application Development Solution For a Top Travel Management Company In California

Our client, one of the top players in the travel management space, aims to let their customers experience WOW while handling house accommodation, air travel, ground transportation and freight. However, to smite the bull’s eye, they needed skillful maneuverings. This is where their path crossed with Nalashaa’s and we cemented a partnership which resulted into a win-win for both.

The Movie

The discovery of the pain-points

The discovery of the pain-points that had been crippling their previously existing application, vendors, business needs and customers fueled our urge to take a dip into some extensive researches and analysis. With the insightful outcomes in our hand, we embarked on creating an application from level zero. Our business acumen helped them breathe in life into their existing modules with an objective to best hone their business processes, which in turn could yield desired outcomes.

Our brainchild, the new application unfolded an ease for our client to fill out electronic forms, place bids and enable them to offer best deals to their customers. And the story doesn’t end here. The application has been programmed to assist with planning and execution of ground and air travel. It paves the way to initiate trips, bids, contracts, and calculations of vendor commission directly on the application in a wizard driven way, making the entire process lightning fast.

Making the entire process lightning fast

We prioritized a blueprint for a smooth communication flow for all parties involved in such choices. When this blueprint culminated into a reality, it helped save hundreds of person-hours usually spent In coordination and updates. Hold on, there’s more to it.

The Popcorn

Reports can be run without human supervision

We knew building the new application is not the end of the road. Reporting is pivotal to operational and executive decision-making. With a coupling of reports making capability and chart creation, the turnaround time of their end-of–month reporting thinned down from days to a few hours. Now, these reports can be run without human supervision.

The Climax

The Climax

Technology Stack

  • Razor, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Telerik and JavaScript
  • Entity Framework and Dapper
  • SQL Server and SSRS
  • Winnovative forms
  • Hang fire
Tool and Technologies Used to Ace the Web Portal Revamp

How to start the journey?

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