Technology overhaul from VB to Microsoft .Net, for a MS Excel based reporting and integration engine


A gradual module-wise migration from Visual Basic to Microsoft .Net for a MS Excel reporting and integration tool. Our client product brings in simplicity to the reporting function and boosts productivity, yielding customer satisfaction.

Technology Stack

  • C*
  • ASP .Net
  • Winforms

Client Challenge

An integrated excel reporting products and wanted their products to be migrated to Microsoft .Net technologies from Visual Basic. The business required quick access to data, ability to build and share reports. Also, the process to achieve it needs to be simple and intuitive, with immense scope for improvements.


Nalashaa built a system such that the modules work with VB and .Net simultaneously. This enabled the gradual incremental migration of modules, to result in a final shift from VB to .Net. A deep and thorough understanding of VB coding helped us to identify equivalent functionalities which could be implemented in .Net.