Reimagining the Quote Renewal Process
with RPA

Client Profile

This Detroit-based client is a trusted, independent agency providing insurance and risk management solutions. The objective was to automate and streamline its insurance quote renewal process for the given set of carriers.


The client had five distinct portals where the insurance quoting process is performed for a given list of policies in the Expiration list. The process was repetitive, error-prone, and precious time was lost in transit in gathering requirements for CSR & AM team. The need for an efficient and automatic process was underscored by the gradually rising business losses and customer dissatisfaction.


Our team worked on building an intelligent robot to handle the work of the CSR/AM (agency management) teams. The process followed by the bot to execute the job is detailed below.

Reads Expiration List for the Current Month

The bot logs in to the Master Folder in the client’s local hard drive where it accesses the Expiration List spreadsheet. It then reads the records in the Expiration List.

Applies Quote Rules

The bot then applies the below quote rule.

  • If the record is a Home Owners policy, the Effective Date of the new policy is within 60 days from the current date.
  • If the record is a Dwelling policy, the Effective Date of the new policy is within 50 days from the current date.

Identifies the Carrier and Navigates to specific steps

  • Identifies the Policy Type: In the Expiration list, the policy type is marked as Home Owners or Dwelling. The bot identifies the policy type and navigates the steps accordingly.
  • Identifies the Carrier
    • There are a total of 5 carriers.
      • ASI
      • American Integrity
      • Cabrillo Coastal
      • Travelers
      • Tower Hill
  • In the Expiration List, each record is provided with any three carriers to be quoted.
  • The bot identifies the carrier and navigates to the respective steps for each carrier accordingly.

Processes Carriers

  • The Bot then navigates to the respective carrier portal.
  • It performs the login process by extracting the credentials from the configuration spreadsheet.

Saving Quote

Once all the details are entered in the carrier portals, the Quote is generated as a PDF file. The bot saves the file in the configured path with naming conversion as “PolicyType_CarrierName_TimeStamp”.

Upload in content management system

  • The Bot logs in to ImageRight (content management and workflow solution).
  • It searches for the folder with the name “QUOT- Property Renewal – Requote”. If the folder exists, the bot selects it; if it doesn’t, it creates a new folder and then selects it.
  • It then uploads the Quote PDF file into the selected folder.
  • A new task is created on the selected folder and the policy details are entered.

Update task for Exceptions

Bot updates the exceptions on the below cases.

  • Business exception At every stage, it checks for validations and updates the task for exceptions (if any). These cases have a different set of rules and are handled as a different scenario in the process.
  • Application Exceptions: The exceptions that are unexpected and not handled anywhere in the process are generally captured in the Catch block in the try activity.


  • Elimination of Repetitive Manual Tasks – Replaced 5 FTE (40 man hours), leading to faster delivery.
  • Increases Productivity - Round-the-clock quoting without pausing to fix errors. Typically, a quoting bot can do the work of 4 to 6 regular employees.
  • Reduced Errors – The automated quoting system drastically reduced the need for manual quality check, freeing up 30-40% of the bandwidth of the team.
  • Reduced Costs – The bots downsized the workforce engaged in the process from 6 to 1, thus promoting substantial cost-savings.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – With routine tasks being automated, CSR could now focus better on cross-selling and upselling multiple product lines to boost the bottom-line.

Technology Stack

  • UiPath
  • Web Browser – (5 Carrier Portals)
  • ImageRight Desktop
  • Agency management software

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