Client Challenge

Although the move to the SaaS application boosted operations and user experience, it was, by no means, enough. The client was still getting numerous cases where customers complained about the painful process of relocating/adding/updating asset/product records in bulk using the Ingenium web application. The growing inconveniences among the users forced the client to seek help, and it reached out to Nalashaa.


The client accepted Nalashaa’s proposal to develop a mobile application that replicates the web application functionalities. Such a mobile application comes in handy while performing bulk operations.

A compilation of the significant changes/implementations executed by the Nalashaa team.

  • An Android/iOS-oriented application with barcode scanning
  • A multi-tenant token-based API to help customers to log into the application.
  • Each transaction encrypted and secured through TTL/SSL.
  • All transactions stored in their respective client databases with relevant details through a secured web API.


The user response to the Android and iOS mobile applications for the bulk assets/products processing was enormous.


  • The application is handy, quick, and accurate; hence bulk operations became flexible and easier to handle.
  • Secured web API and faster data transfer with JSON reduced the response time significantly.
  • Expedient maintenance, updates, and upgrades to ensure business continuity.
  • Authentication, access control, and encryption for data safety and zero downtime.
  • Optimized outcomes, better scalability, and lightweight device (with camera scanner).

Technology Stack

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Web API 2.0
  • C#.Net 6.0
  • Microsoft Azure Databases
  • React Native 0.60
  • Bitbucket Repository

How to start the journey?

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