Client Challenge:

The SaaS modeled legacy solution serves numerous Gyms and Fitness Clubs, but the green screens were dated and a big eye sore. They client wanted to bring about an appealing web-based solution with a great user interface. With lack of documentation, reengineering or migrating the solution became difficult and the legacy codes had become patchy. In addition, they were facing turbulence with integration of partner solutions on newer technologies.


A team was deputed at Client site to understand key focus areas. Short to long term goals were identified and roadmap items prioritized, following which a detailed solution was proposed. Prior experience with resolving challenging issues facilitated Nalashaa to propose a detailed plan envisioning the future business needs as well. We offered support for legacy application to achieve business functionality critical to the end users and phased migration of the legacy solution to a GUI based solution using web technologies. Our team also enhanced the customer facing portal to offer a delightful user experience. To enable quick and effective decision making, Nalashaa team implemented Business Intelligence Tools for insights and meaningful visualizations.

Enhanced Customer facing portal

Efficient User Experience

Better insights and meaningful Visualization

Technology Stack

  • CLLE
  • ILE
  • Java
  • Jboss
  • iSeries

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