Client Requirement

The client was looking for maintenance and support services for their legacy application to address the day-to-day challenges in keeping the operations running. In the existing implementation, there was no stable process to plan and close support tickets in a timely manner. In case of exceptional situations, due to lack of proper documentation, troubleshooting was needed to find and fix the root cause.. While the systems needed to be kept up, there were enhancement requests from different teams to support evolving end user requirements. In addition, documentation of existing processes and systems was needed to enable migration to newer technologies in future.


Nalashaa team started with a 12-week training working closely with the client’s existing team. Familiarization with the processes, systems and stakeholders enabled the team to start addressing the support tickets quickly. An extensive documentation was created for the business processes and system workflows. The coordinator at the client location triaged the support tickets or issues and the team independently supported the complete system. The execution of all key processes was automated with alerts and email notifications upon critical job failures.

Increased volume of support tickets closed within SLA guideline

Improved accuracy and completeness in quality assurance

Automated notifications and reports enabled better governance and coordination

Technology Stack

  • iSeries
  • DB400
  • RPG
  • ILE
  • CL
  • CLLE
  • ROBOT Job Scheduler
  • XML

How to start the journey?

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