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Jan 20, 2023 Kodukula Chandrika

Christmas is an occasion to celebrate with great joy and enthusiasm because it marks the birth of Jesus Christ. On this day, at Nalashaa offices , we celebrated Christmas in a very simple and meaningful way.

We started the day by decorating the tree. For some, tree decoration means enjoying with loved ones, and for others - it’s therapeutic. . The end result? We had Christmas lights that brightened up a cozy winter evening, enchanting and spreading joy to all who saw them.

When anyone says “Christmas”, gifts are one of the first things we think about. The spirit of Christmas, mixed with celebrations and gifts makes the entire day memorable!

Some of us were away from family, and others were celebrating Christmas for the first time. So what did we do?

We played elves and gave each other gifts, and celebrated like one big family!

Invitations were sent, and the party code was that our people had to be seen in red or white the colors of the season. While few people wore green claiming to be trees, a large majority of Nalashaa was covered with wonderful people dressed in red.

The invite further instructed everyone to gather in a conference room at a specified time for an evening filled with fun activities conducted by the HR team.

Snacks, savories, drinks of preference, to go with dessert brought in from our favorite bakers made for the icing on the cake (quite literally).

To add to this, we didn’t forget our employees worked from home on the day, and also had a virtual celebration with a fun session of games, all-in-all ensuring that our day was unforgettable!

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