Diwali 2022

Jan 20, 2023 Tammineni Visista

Diwali 2022 had been pretty special to me. Well, it’s been a while that I started my internship with Nalashaa but I grew a sense of belonging in this little time. During the Diwali celebrations, we came closer and marked the occasion of light being clad in ethnic attire.

Every Diwali celebration is of course incomplete without the Diwali special rangoli. So we started off our day with some beautiful rangoli because they’re so artistic and simply add to the beauty of the office.

Also, a rangoli competition was conducted and two winners were awarded, the rangoli was colorful, lively and traditionally designed.

The entire celebration consisted of a lot of miscellaneous activities including Tambola, (which is my favorite activity by far maybe because I won one round) refreshments, gchitchats, and whatnot. We believe in working hard, and partying harder while contributing our best.

To engage with those working from home, we we connected via Teams with the purpose of bringing our tight-knit community even closer.

Our Diwali was a fun time, where I made a ton of memories

Be it Diwali or any other festival, it is all about keeping a connection with our roots, origin, people and preserving the memories we make along the way. At Nalashaa, we keep it to the heart of our merriments and memories.

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