Cloud Solutions

Nalashaa has a team of industry, platform-specific experts who aim to build a cloud solution which will drive your business growth and profitability. We help you evaluate the best suited solution and build a roadmap to achieve it. Our experienced and capable team has implemented solutions employing Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure. We have worked with clients to migrate their applications to the cloud for scalability and also developed highly scalable enterprise applications for the cloud.

Cloud computing services have evolved over the years with the growing need for companies to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new servers or databases, training new personnel, or licensing software. Any subscription-based or pay-per-use service that extends existing capabilities and renders flexibility to companies, over the internet is called a cloud computing service.

The value propositions offered by cloud computing are:
  • Capability to process voluminous and rapidly-growing data over the Internet
  • Replication of machines, applications, and data storage at multiple instances to provide high availability economically.
  • Dynamic, elastic capability to support scaling up and down of infrastructure within minutes

Windows Azure Solutions and Services

Windows Azure is a flexible cloud platform which offers infrastructure facilities to build, deploy and manage applications employing its robust capabilities. The following are some of the key pointers to bear in mind, during the migration of an existing application to Windows Azure or utilizing a hybrid application deployment model.

  • Handling Storage: Data is the key to every application and ensuring integrity and security of this data is the major concern with organizations looking at transitioning to the cloud. Data can be stored locally, on the cloud or employing both, depending on the requirements of the application.
  • Mapping: While converting your current application to Windows Azure roles, application dependencies need to be addressed during this process as ASP.Net MVC framework; Microsoft Enterprise Library, etc are not included in the compute environment for Windows Azure.
  • Authentication, Identity: Membership and profile data migration has to be done with care. Corporate applications which rely on Windows Integrated authentication need to be configured separately using Access Control Service (ACS) of Windows Azure.
  • Diagnostics: As a best practice, during the redesign of application, it is essential that the application emit and store substantial debugging information, to enable trouble shooting or diagnostics in the code. If you do not design your application to enable you to follow the code flow in advance, it can be very hard to locate problems when they do occur.

Most ISVs and SIs find they don’t want to develop the specialized knowledge needed for Azure and even those that do often would like experts to fall back on. Nalashaa provides dedicated staff who work full time in the Azure environment for our clients engaging in Azure porting. By having already hit the landmines before you do we will be able to work closely with you to define a Windows Azure implementation road map that reduces transition risks by over 1/2 in most measures and accelerates your deployment cutting costs.