Test Engineering

In today’s development cycles, we believe it is now essential that Quality Assurance (QA) becomes a part of the development process. With our product development experience we have seen the intrinsic challenges of development and testing and a solution which has seen to succeed immensely is an independent testing service. Our expertise in independent, cost effective manual and automated testing services across industries has made us a preferred partner for our clients worldwide.

Our test process consulting team recommends process improvements, automated testing tools and strategies to improve the testing quality and reduce the cost of product quality. Our testing teams understand that test-process improvement is an on-going process through the life cycle of product development. A neglected process soon deteriorates and becomes a candidate for oblivion. As part of our established test process consulting paradigms, we establish recurring check-points and process review milestones for all our projects. This ensures that the effort spent by you in improving the manual or automated testing process is preserved and yields multi-fold benefits.

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Developing the right test automation frameworks to yield significant savings on time and money.

How We Work?
  • Identify product quality progress from very early stages of development
  • Project management
  • Plan process improvements
  • Plan investments
  • Plan resourcing
  • Adjust product roadmap
  • Adjust delivery plans
  • Map your quality goals to a delivery action plan
  • Identify areas where costs can be lowered without affecting quality