A Comprehensive Sneak Peek into API Management

The exchange of information is the backbone of any business, and the faster the exchange takes place, the better. And here is where an API comes in.

An Application Programming Interface, or an API is a computing interface that lays down specific conditions that define the interaction between two software or even between hardware-software intermediaries. Every time a person uses an app as common as WhatsApp, an API is involved in the process of sharing information through the app.

API management in this scenario become crucial. This whitepaper is all about API Management and how businesses can navigate through it.

API management is about creating, securing, distributing and analyzing APIs that allows for data movement across business through the cloud.

The API-first approach helps the team ensures the API structure and requirements are in place before planning the rest of application development.

API management solutions can help businesses navigate through legacy application drawbacks by extracting data without compromising security.