The 6R Approach to Cloud Migration

As cloud migration turns out to be the best bet for enterprises to meet the challenges of the modern world, there’s a frenzy among businesses looking to migrate their on-premises IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud. However, the deterrents to it include the lack of technical expertise, flawed roadmaps, and no migration strategy, among others. Embarking on the cloud journey without covering these bases is a surefire way to failure. An undertaking as massive as cloud migration demands adequate preparation on all fronts – strategy, manpower, finance, post-migration, and others.

This whitepaper touches upon a 6-point cloud migration approach that’s being widely and successfully used by the top players in the industry.

The major roadblocks for enterprises in their journey to the cloud.

The 6Rs of cloud migration – Retire, Retain, Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, and Rearchitech.

A well-laid 5-Step Cloud Migration Plan – Strategy, Infra Audit, Architect Design, Automation, and Deployment.