Why Your AS400 System Can't Sail Smooth Without Expert Support

Mar 15, 2022 Prateek Shetty

Just because it is old, it doesn’t mean it has to rot!

AS400 has been around for three decades now and the users’ faith in it is as strong as its systems’ integrity and durability to run modern applications. Legacy systems like AS400/iSeries offers a lot of reliability not just because of their unique design and their hardware scalability for future updates, but also because of the developers who made sure the systems ran without a hitch. Most of the developers who started off with RPG software support as their career option either have retired or are close to retirement. This makes it really difficult for CTOs/CIOs to manage these behemoths as companies that utilize these machines use it for almost all business processes. Typically, AS400 support services consist of integration, coding, performance tuning, DB2 administration, etc. Hence, lackluster maintenance of these machines can be catastrophic for the organizations.

Why do you need a robust support program?

  • Improved process efficiency: Any hitch in the system’s functioning will affect the efficiency of the business process the system is supporting. Support programs like integration and performance reduce lag during tasks and system performance.
  • Revenue: CTOs need to look at the support program from a revenue standpoint rather than just an IT conundrum. Investments in a robust support program can help organizations.
  • Minimal Downtime: Another concern that CTOs are plagued with is downtime during bugs and server issues. No matter how reliable a system is, it is bound to run into problems down the line and in this case, programs/applications running on iSeries/IBM I systems will be inaccessible if the server itself is malfunctioning due to OS or other software issues.
  • Faster Time to Market: A robust support program can help reduce the product development time and speed up your time to market.

Where do you need support for your AS400 system?

  • Integration: One of the common concerns that CTOs have is the IBM I systems being isolated from other software. Integrating your CRM solutions with AS400 can speed up the marketing and sales goals of the organization and therefore increase revenue. Integrate MAPICS and BI platforms with IBM I to gain a single source of truth.
  • Custom RPG Coding: Most AS400 applications have been coded with basic ILE RPG fixed-form. Free-form coding is what CTOs need to prioritize as it is easier to read and new languages support free-form not fixed-form. Organizations need to adopt RPG IV which provides support for procedures, freeform code, and other enhancements.
  • Performance Tuning: Modern applications along with powerful hardware require a lot of software optimization to work smoothly. Although these machines are reliable, software bugs are inevitable, which in turn affects performance. A robust support vendor can help you with rolling out software patches, fixing bugs, and application enhancement for better performance.
  • Data Management: Data management is an ongoing challenge for organizations that use iSeries. Moving your data from DB2 to your platform of choice can be an uphill task if not done correctly. This is just the tip of the iceberg for those who are into data management. The main pain points include making sense of your DB2 data, conversion of DDS to DDL, audit and so on. With an experienced iSeries support vendor at your disposal, have these implemented and invest your valuable time in something more important for your organization.
  • System Documentation: This may be the core aspect in streamlining your iSeries system and process. Without proper system documentation, you are bound to run into problems such as IT policies, system components, disaster recovery issues, network configurations, lack of documentation for trainees and the list can go endless.
  • L2 and L3 support: Bugs, code issues and server issues, configuration management, minor application enhancement are common support needs for any system, and iSeries is no different. These may sound trivial but if not handled by experts and without delay, it can cost you an arm and a leg.

Why should you consider Nalashaa for Support?

iSeries/AS400 Experts - With understanding of modern platforms.

On-site + Remote Support - Local presence during project ideation.

Fixed Price Packages - Transparent support plans for all your needs.

Oversight & Governance - Processes & tools for quality measurement.

Replacing people doesn’t solve the problem, it prolongs it. Putting a process in place is what helps get rid of single point of failures

Nalashaa has been working in the IBM ispace for over a decade now and has a pool of IBM i skilled developers to deploy. Varying from basic support expertise to migration and modernization, Nalashaa helps you at every step. If your 2022 IT Roadmap involves a robust support program for your iSeries/IBM isystems, drop us a note at info@Nalashaa.com. We will take care of the rest.

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