Build Intelligent Solutions using the Cloud Based AI Platforms

Jan 07, 2018 Sumant Dubey

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two big buzzwords prevalent across the industries today. People, in particular developers are fascinated with this emergent technology, irrespective of their area of expertise. While a lot of them are still trying to figure out the nuances of AI and ML, the world has moved on to build Deep-Learning based AlphaGo which defeated the world No.1 ranked player in the board game Go.

A few years ago, building solutions equipped with artificial intelligence was limited to Data Scientists and Researchers, who have devoted years and decades in developing machine learning algorithms and models that solve a certain problem. And, aside from expertise, you need heavy infrastructure in place to support such systems.

Today, all this has changed.

The leading Cloud service providers, such as Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure), have come up with managed services which allow us to add Machine Learning capabilities to any application. From using the proven models, algorithms and techniques to using your own algorithm on the cloud has been made possible today by these services.

Some of the common features that you can add to your solutions, using these managed services, include:

  • Face Recognition
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Object Identification
  • Audio Transcription
  • Speech Recognition
  • Real-Time Speech Translation
  • Language Understanding
  • Text, Image and Video Analytics

All the heavy lifting is done by the managed services, behind the scenes, leaving the developers to focus on solving the business problem which they are working on. The efficient cloud infrastructure insures we have enough processing power and other resources available as and when they are needed. This brings in all the benefits of Cloud Computing along with the capability to add Artificial Intelligence to your application. Building intelligent solutions have never been so fast and simple and with the host of new services being added frequently to the cloud based AI platforms, the possibilities are only increasing.

The Cloud is getting smarter every day, and needless to say, so will your application!

Sumant Dubey

Sumant is a creative geek, an ex-entrepreneur, and a technophile at heart. At iNatrix, he heads the Emerging Technology business unit, which delivers intelligent solutions for the businesses worldwide.