How can Business Intelligence services boost customer satisfaction in the Airline Industry?

Dec 15, 2022 Mohit Sharma

The Airline industry is one that isn’t just tasked with getting flyers from one point to another. Airline companies also need to ensure that they create memorable and hassle-free experiences for their customers, especially given that brand loyalty and good word of mouth go a long way toward their success.

Inversely, a small slip-up can have major repercussions against the organization, considering how easily the modern customer can access public platforms like the social media outlets. At the same time, the industry is highly competitive with rival organizations constantly looking to undercut each other and entice customers with cheaper pricing and better flying experience.

Where does Business Intelligence step in to help improve customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is the one factor that ensures repeat flyers for any airline. Hence, airline companies are always looking to find opportunities to make customers happy, so that it creates positive impressions on the psyche of the flyers which in turn results in positive reviews.

Airlines could potentially use the vast amount of customer data in their armory, and use it to create better customer experiences.

Business Intelligence services can help increase customer satisfaction rates in the following ways: 

  1. Passenger behavior

    Airlines can track historical data (collected via customer surveys, recorded incidents/complaints, or even data entered while booking) to create insights into customer likes and dislikes, and work on the improvement areas.

    They can also get a sense of customer behavior by looking at where they belong to, and basing their offerings in accordance with the flyers’ culture.

  2. Crew Management

    Past flight data along with crew member ratings can be analyzed, in order to make adjustments to the flight crew. This enables airline companies to assign the best-rated crew members to cater to the appropriate passengers.

    For example, a crew member that has been rated high on empathy and communication can be assigned to long flights, or to the business class lounge.

  3. Issue resolution

    Business Intelligence can help airline companies look into a customer’s past data, find out the history of complaints, and spot patterns, if any. This allows them to assess customer credibility, as well as help resolve any repeat issues internally.

    Using BI, they can also create dashboards that help in real-time issue tracking, finding and addressing gaps in the resolution process, and finally loop closure.

  4. On-time Service, and Air Safety

    BI solutions such as predictive modeling help them forecast crucial factors such as weather and air traffic, enabling them to assess ETA at every stop while ensuring passenger safety. This lets them provide status updates to customers in advance. At the same time, this helps avoid overcrowding in airports, which could lead to flyers dissatisfaction.

  5. Comfortable onboarding

    Passenger onboarding is another process that can be made more efficient with BI. By segregating customer data based on certain factors, such as age, row number, etc., organizations can choose the order of priority during onboarding, and fill the plane without any hassles.

  6. Ticket pricing

    With business intelligence, businesses can analyze historic flight booking data and also conduct thorough competitor analysis to optimize their ticket pricing strategy. This helps them sell more tickets at the rate that customers would be willing to pay. At the same time, it helps in giving rival airlines a run for their money with competitor pricing.

    Airlines can also use predictive modeling to get a sense of what offers would appeal to customers considering factors such as their age, country, income, lifestyle, popular destinations, etc. With this information, BI can help decide attractive discounts and offers to increase ticket sales.

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