3 Ways Business Intelligence Enables High Quality Sales Performance

Dec 23, 2022 Mohit Sharma

Movies and TV shows will tell you that salespeople rely purely on gut instinct, and have the ability to turn any “NO” into a “YES”. The reality, is that while salespeople need to be quick on their feet, their decisions need to be made purely based on data.

The main aim of Business Intelligence (BI) is to eliminate gut instincts and help businesses act on data-driven insights. This, mixed with a salesperson’s business acumen can prove highly beneficial for organizations.

Business Intelligence Adding Force to the Sales Team

Yes, Business Intelligence is commonly known to help businesses make sense of data and take decisions. But what can it do for Sales Teams in particular?

Retain Existing Customers with Insights

Sales Teams possess humongous amounts of data from various stages of the customer journey. Business intelligence can help teams make the most of this data by creating visualizations and using them to assess customer requirements.
Typically, BI can help in ascertaining what customers want from metrics such as the frequency of purchase, regular order quantity, etc. With this, salespeople are able to offer customers a personalized experience help which results in more customer retention.

Define and Monitor Sales KPIs with Interactive Dashboards

How well a sales team is doing, is directly indicative of how much money the business is making. Due to this reason, sales teams generally have multiple KPIs that can be hard to track all at once with regular data reporting tools.
Business Intelligence can help in the effortless implementation of KPI Dashboards. This enables sales teams to track the performances of team members in real-time, and gives them a clear progress report. Leaders can then use this information to assess next steps and fill the necessary gaps. Furthermore, interactive dashboards help track KPIs individually and help the business get specific information that can help the team reach goals with minimal manual effort.

Predict Accurate Forecasts and Customer Behavior

What would it be like if you could see the future, at least to a certain extent? That’s what Business Intelligence can do for Sales, with predictive analytics.
By employing predictive analytics, a business can factor in certain key metrics such as age, gender, income, lifestyle, etc., and create insights into customer behavior. This information can then be used to tweak marketing campaigns and to maximize sales.

Where does this bring us?

At this point, we see the problems that Business Intelligence services could help address in a sales unit. There’s no doubt about its ability to create a massive impact and enable sales teams to do more. However, an organization must ensure that it is implemented well, and by the right service provider.

What makes Nalashaa a clear choice?

Renowned for deploying data solutions since 2012, Nalashaa has an agile team that is capable of delivering top-notch business intelligence services. While our experience with software helps you do more with data, our bespoke business intelligence solutions cater to your exact needs and also guarantee ownership with minimal intervention. Reach out to us at info@nalashaa.com and be business intelligent today!

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