Into the EdTech User Journey: The Scope for Retention During Exit

Nov 30, 2022 Samuel Thomas

EdTech app users who have arrived at the end of their user journey are often considered lost. But as they say it ain't over till it's over. What this means for education app development is users often return to recap concepts and subject matter provided they had a great user journey in the past.

EdTech app owners are busy dispatching notifications to bring the user back into action after multiple days of inactivity. But notifications aren’t the only functionality that help in retaining the user. It’s the trustworthiness of the app that really brings the user back to the platform.

Understanding the Scope for User Retention in the Exit Stage

EdTech app owners can win the confidence of its users by fulfilling promises on outstanding deliverables and providing a proactive engagement at the exit stage. However, the following challenges often restrict the ability of education app development companies to make an impact at the exit stage.

Lack of Clean Exit: Data privacy is a very personal matter to all mobile app users. Hence, they expect their personal data to be erased from the application platform after they have exited it. It is also the moral duty of EdTech app owners to honor this expectation. Sincerity in deleting user app data is almost a nonexistent train in the current industry dynamics. However, it is also a sure shot way for EdTech app companies to leave a lasting impression on its users.

Also, a clean exit process with no hidden costs, follow-up retention notification, etc., are signs of a good approach to facilitating user exit. Some apps have many steps to get a mobile app to stop charging their credit card and end the dispatch of promotional materials to the users' mailbox. Each one of these adversely affects the reputation of an EdTech app company at the exit stage.

Limited Transparency in the Exit Process: A user notification is not only designed to inform and educate but it is also a proof of communication. Transparency in operations from an EdTech perspective refers to revealing to the users how their private data is being used. In the exit stage, this must ideally comprise of official notifications either though an email or SMS. Most EdTech apps refrain from such practices which gives no visibility to the user about the status of their private data.

Lack of Support: Most EdTech App development companies consider proactive support to help the user during exit unnecessary. But an EdTech app owner who is eager to assist the user even during the exit stage will cement their reputation as a trustworthy platform. From relaying prompts to delete credit card information to the deletion of phone number on in app profiles, a little bit of assistance at the exit stage of the app can sure help EdTech platforms to prepare this section of the audience for future retargeting campaigns. On the other hand, a cumbersome exit process will further infuriate the already vexed user, ensuring there is no possibility for a revisit.

Unexplored Discounts and Referrals: Among the many possibilities at the exist stage for user retention, discounts and referrals are the most effective. In-app discounts and referral to other business platforms of the same EdTech platform are almost absent. The only notifications that seem to reach the user during app inactivity are related to new courses. Offering great value for money deals for the users at the exit stage not only help retain the user but also increases the chances of referrals.

Parting Words

Pulling users at the exit stage, back onto the platform again can be quite an achievement for EdTech apps. But it requires investments in in-app functionalities and campaign capabilities that make it all happen. Nalashaa’s 10+ years of expertise in mobile application development services makes us well suited to evaluate EdTech app platforms and deliver powerful results.

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Samuel Thomas

Samuel Thomas has over 6 years of experience in business development, Pre-sales, and IT consulting across Healthcare, Networking & Financial domains with extensive exposure to US Healthcare from a marketing & sales standpoint.

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