Developing Custom Software? Watch out for these technologies in 2022

Feb 23, 2022 Shireen Noushad

Looking for custom software services, and unsure of where to begin? Your search ends here. Go through the list of the latest custom software development technologies and build your organization with the most suitable solution.

One may wonder as to why organizations would require custom software solutions since there are a number of off-the-shelf software being constantly recycled in the market. Organizations require custom software when they work with highly sensitive information, complex workflows with multiple stakeholders, and would like to improve TAT. With custom software in the picture, organizations can automate tasks, improve workflows, gain visibility and insight into operations and ensure stringent security measures. More reasons as to why custom software development is preferred over commercial-off-the-shelf software can be found here.

Without further ado, let us dive into the top custom software development technologies to watch out for in 2022.

Cloud-native Computing

Cloud-native computing urges businesses to work and execute their software on the cloud - from building to running scalable applications in dynamic environments be it private, public, or hybrid clouds.

Cloud-native computing has revolutionized the IT industry, and it does not limit its capabilities to just one industry. The cloud promises improved efficiency at a reduced cost, better security, flexibility, mobility, and easy collaboration. Organizations are increasingly migrating to the cloud in the hope of tapping into these promises.

Coming to custom software development, it would bode well for the organization and its stakeholders to take up cloud-native computing. With the latest fad of remote-working environment, and according to a research, software engineers were more productive when working remotely. Which is why Cloud-native computing technologies are here stay.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Gone are the days when automation was the best thing to happen to time-consuming repetitive tasks. Artificial Intelligence enables a system to emulate a human brain in terms of computing, and Machine Learning is what allows the system to make human-like decisions based on its previous experiences or rather from the historical data that is available. AI/ML technologies enable a machine to learn, grow, and improve – much like a human.

Businesses utilize AI/ML technologies to plan, analyze and deliver better software by embedding Natural Language Processing, a cognitive approach to building intuitive workflows, and enable intelligent automate of for quality assurance. In short, AI/ML technologies help streamline processes, reduce waste, and hand over repetitive manual processes to a computer that can do it faster and better.

IoB – Internet of Behavior

Move over IoT, IoB is the new kid on the block. However, one would require the aid of IoT to promise an efficient IoB. While the IoT is the ideal situation of systems being connected to one another, an applied hive mind of sorts, the Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is about capturing, analyzing, and responding to human interactions with the system.

Introducing IoB into custom software development would help systems customize themselves to the personnel, allowing them to improve efficiency and thereby productivity. Relatively new on the market, IoB is looking to gather momentum in the coming years and empower custom software with hyper-personalization. This way, both internal and external stakeholders will have intuitive user journeys and workflows that suit them the best, empowering them to put their best efforts forward.

Cybersecurity via DevSecOps

DevOps helped businesses around the globe to build, test, and deploy software at a pace that was never thought of before. Over time as the cloud expanded, there was a growing need to keep software secure and compliant. With the introduction of DevSecOps, the principal objective is to embed data security into the software development life cycle.

DevSecOps integrates security tools and approaches such as the ‘shift-left’ testing approach to ensure that security protocols are adhered to in the earliest stages of software development. Compliance and security built in as code, IDE scanning, dynamic code analysis, building in a zero-trust framework, and continuous monitoring are some of the latest approaches to executing the security part in DevSecOps. Employing DevSecOps to develop custom software must be the way forward.

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