Adopt DevOps For A Faster Route To Digital Transformation

As the digital space expands, it also is becoming increasingly personalized. The democratization of technology has opened up avenues of focus, as well innovation opportunities for the creator. This calls for businesses to be on the lookout for technologies that can promise faster, flexible, and scalable results.

Introducing DevOps. A culture that came out of evolving technologies, mindset, and most importantly the need for speed in design, development, and delivery. DevOps breaks down the silo-structured environment, bringing in collaboration and helping organizations fast forward their digital transformation.

This whitepaper talks in length of DevOps, how it helps with digital transformation, and a sneak peek into the latest talk of the industry – DevSecOps.

Digital transformation has four core facets – people, process, technology and data. DevOps helps hasten efficient evolution in these facets, which speeds up digital transformation.

While working on cloud infrastructure, DevOps has the capability to scale the infrastructure any which way desired and cater to on-demand workload without overshooting the budget.

With DevSecOps in the picture security is now automated and not just a peripheral intervention. The sooner the threats are flagged, lower the cost of fixing or eliminating them.