DevOps Challenges and how to address them?

Apr 21, 2022 Amit Kumar Dey

Are you facing many challenges with your DevOps maintenance? You’re not alone. Many organizations rush to implement DevOps without an in-depth understanding or a clear vision. Due to this, organizations never be able to reap optimum benefits.

Every organization has its own set of challenges. Here learn about the DevOps challenges that most organizations face. In addition to the challenges, we listed their possible solutions. If you find the solution to your challenges here, it’s fine. Otherwise, you may need an expert at your disposal.

The top challenges

It’s not Dev Vs Ops, It’s DevOps:

Development and operations teams need to go hand in hand for the success of DevOps methodology. However, the reality many times is the other way round. The friction starts at a point where the Development team starts implementing innovations faster and the Operations team starts keeping pace with the implementation speed.

This gives birth to conflicts and as a consequence, DevOps never yields desired results.

Bifurcating the territory between the Development and Operations is pivotal. Once this is complete, the coordination between these two departments goes smooth. At the outset of implementing DevOps methodology, this is a common challenge. However, the sooner the two departments start coordinating, the better.

The Transformation to Microservices:

Using older framework and applications are always a little challenging. Even migrating to a new architecture or application is equally challenging.

Keeping these in mind, using infrastructure as code with microservices can be a great way forward. This new approach can help bring in innovations and modernizations across the entire software development life cycle.

Additionally, a cloud-native ecosystem for microservices architecture will help open the doors to faster development and deployment.

Focus Too Much on the Tools

New tools are made available on a regular basis. With their advent, many organizations invest in them and think of solving each and every problem that their teams might be facing. This is where they go wrong. In order to implement new tools, organizations need to train their employees. It takes time and money. Also, they forget about their team.

Before implementing DevOps, organizations need to consider their structure and groups of their organization. Once the structure is properly set up, the process will eventually follow. This is the time when tools come into the picture. To smoothen the process, it is important to have smart and advanced tools.

Resistance to Changes

Adopting to a new culture is scary and challenging. However, with calculated risk-taking and planning, adopting to DevOps culture can be easier than anticipated. Also, there will be resistance to adopting new DevOps methodology.

Organizations need to implement and adopt DevOps over a period of time. This helps to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and reap the benefits of DevOps.

Let Us Help You Find a Solution

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