Into the EdTech User Journey: Enabling Frictionless Course Consumption

Nov 29, 2022 Samuel Thomas

The COVID-19 pandemic had a silver lining in its grim shadow for educational app development companies. Prominent EdTech platforms such as Coursera saw a spike in registrations. With social distancing and online classes becoming the norm, users began flocking to EdTech apps to forge academic careers.

But the increased dependency on EdTech apps also revealed the underlying flaws in the user journey that caused user abandonment. These flaws are related to preserving the momentum of the user after onboarding. With EdTech apps now becoming a standard tool for educators, education app development companies must fix these underlying flaws to remain relevant in an industry that is accelerating towards maturity.

The Course Consumption Stage Challenges for EdTech App Users

Course Relevance: The complexity of a topic is a significant hurdle for EdTech app users to overcome. Hence, users always enter the app platform with doubts in their minds. EdTech app platforms must effectively guide users to prevent them from losing interest and pursuing alternate choices. When EdTech apps lack the software engines to suggest highly relevant course material, they are instantly perceived as cumbersome.

Hassles in the onboarding stage send the user into a tailspin, causing them to be ‘lost’ in an ocean of course recommendations, eventually leading to user abandonment. A linear approach to course recommendations resulting from the detailed analysis of user behavior must be the primary goal for educational app developers in the development process.

Lack of Instructor Scheduling Features: Remember that an EdTech app user is eager to access courses and get a feel of the course quality. However, in-app courses are almost always created by third-party firms. Hence synergizing their efforts to deliver a memorable experience for the user is always a hectic task. As a consequence, EdTech app development companies usually occupy the middle ground, which ends up diluting the user experience at the course selection stage.

Scheduling a course by coordinating with instructors would make a student's life easy; unfortunately, EdTech app development companies still have a long way to go before they can achieve a laminar approach to empowering students with the power of choice when choosing course instructors.

Behavior Driven Personalization: Individual users display very distinct behavior while using the app. Some users may look to quickly recap a completed course, while others may look to touch base with other users who have completed a course they just did. All this data is available in an EdTech app which can help constitute a foundation for in-app analytics. But not many EdTech app development companies have managed to infuse personalization well enough to garner user retention. The lack of personalization can contribute to course abandonment at the course consumption stage.

How Educational App Development Companies Can Improve the Value of Course Consumption

Making specific changes to the EdTech app user journey is a long-drawn process that becomes significantly easier with a technical partner aboard. This is because specific workflow changes and suggestive analytics engines require a sublime blend of software and data engineering expertise. A close association with a technical partner enables educational app development companies to augment their mobile app development prowess.

Tasks such as workflow tweaks and data analytics integration can be accomplished with minimal errors in the process. Nalashaa’s 10+ years of experience with mobile app development makes us well-suited to contribute to the EdTech app user journey through technical tweaks as required by an Edtech app.

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Samuel Thomas

Samuel Thomas has over 6 years of experience in business development, Pre-sales, and IT consulting across Healthcare, Networking & Financial domains with extensive exposure to US Healthcare from a marketing & sales standpoint.

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