Engineer your Quality Assurance to Stay Ahead

Businesses are expected to stay abreast of the markets, explore growth avenues, all the while maintaining and enhancing their current operations to meet these raised expectations.

Quality Assurance is that part of the management process that ensures the developed solution meets the expected requirements and quality standards. However, quality is subjective across organizations and industries. Quality could refer to code quality, performance, functionality, usability, UI design, and the likes.

This whitepaper outlines the often-overlooked challenges when it comes to Quality Assurance and outlines ways to overcome it.

Businesses must ensure that they have their metrics are identified, tracked, and analyzed to help improve the existing operations.

QA teams must ensure a strict documentation process for any changes or updates that have been performed to any environment or test cases.

Containerization allows applications to be tested on different OS, in separate containers within an isolated environment.