4 Reasons to Prefer Custom Software Development To COTS

Feb 28, 2022 Shireen Noushad

In the world of software development, questions still linger around the viability of developing custom software over using commercial-off-the-shelf software (COTS). Let us put an end to this quest, once and for all.


COTS,orR bespoke software is pre-packaged piece of software available to all. . COTS software can be pieced together to make a software solution that would address business requirements.

However, stitching together the pieces of commercial-of-the-shelf software for enterprise workflows is not the best option. Have a look at why organizations are better off with custom software instead of COTS software.


Sure, developing software for an enterprise with the pieces of commercial-off-the-shelf software sounds like a good idea. But, at what cost?

Security is a major concern while working with COTS software. When a software product is widely available for purchase, it becomes a prime target for security threats. Introducing such software into an enterprise workflow would bring down the cumulative security of the whole enterprise. This would not only affect the organization, but also their stakeholders resulting in customer attrition or worse – lawsuits claiming security malpractices.

With bespoke software, security is not a concern. When custom software development is underway, the source code is not known to outsiders, making it more secure than COTS. Additionally, security protocols can be weaved into the software depending on business requirements or data and document security policy. Developers can also embed access control, making workflows accessible to only those who are authorized. In short, custom software is the ‘go-to’ software solution for enterprises looking to safeguard their data – essentially for all enterprises.


When working with a commercial-off-the-shelf, it is much like working with a microwave meal. One consumes a microwave meal with little or very less changes from how it was packaged. The same goes for COTS. Organizations will reach an impasse when it comes to customizing COTS software. Lacking the ability to customize software will keep businesses from achieving the expected efficiency and thus falling short in realizing business goals.

Custom software on the other hand, as the name suggests, is customizable. This way organizations can have software designed and developed to fit perfectly around their business workflows, organizational hierarchy/structure, and infuse custom business rules – even add on to them whenever required.

Ease of Management

COTS comes with limited features. Configuring them to business workflows is just part of the laborious process, finding integration points for stitching in a third-party application, and then integrating it is a challenge on its own. COTS software does not offer support, and neither is it easy to find a support team who can help out with queries/roadblocks. Maintaining a COTS falls upon the organization, and not on anyone who created the COTS.

In contrast, when it comes to developing custom software, integrating thirty-party applications that were part of the workflow is easier. Organizations don’t have to look for integration points, rather can request the custom software development team to incorporate them. Also, organizations that hires a team for custom software development get a team assigned to them for support and maintenance. In short, choosing custom software is the better when building enterprise solutions.


COTS software needs licensing, which means organizations must stay update on the pricing models and keep track of licensing/payment requirements. Ownership, in this case, is dicey. Organizations are unable to scale the usage of COTS across systems without purchasing more licenses. In some cases, COTS that have ‘opensource’ software that could have hidden licensing costs, giving rise to organizational expenditures.

Custom software on the other hand does not have any hidden licensing charges. The pricing model of custom software development is inclusive of development, support, and maintenance. As the software is owned by the organization, they can install the software in a number of systems without having to worry about licensing. With support, maintenance, and the convenience to customize, custom software is the ideal solution for those looking for enterprise software solutions.

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