Automation In Manufacturing: How Can It Help?

Nov 30, 2022 Mohit Sharma

When we’re talking about the manufacturing industry, automation is a technology that has been on the rise for a decade. With a plethora of use-cases across different segments of the industry, automation is here to stay, and will only increase in significance.

At this point, odds are that you’ve found at least one area where automation can help ease your worries. While task completion is a certainty when you automate efficiently, what are some other things that you can hope to do with automation?

1. You free up your star performers

With automation, your employees get more time to innovate and be at their creative best. With your best and brightest on the job, while bots perform the repetitive tasks, you’re bound to have a boost in productivity.

2. You achieve consistent quality

When you automate, you avoid human errors. The quality of work is consistent and dependable.

For example, automated CRM processes can employ chatbots to quickly give consistent responses to your customers, based on a rule-based workflow. Your customers are happy to be receiving timely responses, and your employee is free to focus on other things unless the issue is escalated.

3. You take a haircut on manufacturing lead time

When manual tasks such as order placement, return management, resource allocation, and data entry are automated, it gives you a head start on your delivery deadline. This way, you can meet your deadlines faster.

4. You avoid the cost of NOT automating

In the long run, a manual process is going to prove more costly than an automated one for a number of reasons - such as the risk of manual errors, human resource issues such as attrition, resource shortage, etc.

Your trusty bots, on the other hand, are lean mean hustle-machines that will serve you efficiently and loyally.

“Okay, I’m in. What’s next?”

Before deciding on what to invest in when it comes to automating processes, it is also important to know how feasible it is to implement it for your business.

The next question that comes to mind would be How much of a dent will this put in my business’s pocket? The answer to that question depends entirely on the level of automation that your business requires.

After a feasibility check, an organization may decide that they need help with their PO Validation, and may also want to automate their Invoice Processing. How much you end up investing in automation will depend on how many processes you automate, and the service provider you choose.

The good news here is that you can easily estimate your costs, and plan ahead!

Nalashaa Solutions consists of an expert team that can implement the right manufacturing automation services, based on your exact requirements. Get in touch with us at today to get started with your automation journey!

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