iSeries Automation: Why is RPA More Than Just a Trifle Solution?

Mar 11, 2022 Prateek Shetty

AS400/iSeries systems have been popularly used by businesses for over three decades now. The hardware limitations are constantly being ironed by IBM; they are releasing newer models with more horsepower to better process applications. Now, these machines have software installed which needs to be monitored to get maximum efficiency, but it’s not a feasible task considering the long list of things that require manual intervention. But what if there was a better solution, something economical and precise?

Enter Legacy System Automation

iSeries automation is the key to increasing your business process efficiency without worrying about downtime and ROI. The solution

  • Here’s how RPA can be go well beyond the rudimentary workflow automation Data Entry: This task may sound trivial but most organizations have a dedicated pool of manual resources earmarked for this task. But there’s so much a human can do when it comes to data-related tasks. Manual tasks like entering invoice data for thousands of transactions need a lot of man-hours and are prone to errors. Automation, however, can speed things up by uploading data into 5250 green screens with precision.
  • Quick Resolution time: One of the biggest issues for IT teams is responding to multiple service requests. Most end businesses usually don’t employ huge IT teams, this makes it difficult for engineers to respond to simultaneous requests due to bandwidth crunch. Automation can easily capture data from users, highlight their issues, send an update to users when the issue is resolved, and update the ticket status.
  • Marketing Boost: This is one of the best applicability of automation for the organization. Bots can capture and review incoming leads and update in your CRM/marketing automation tool for Sales to act on. This is just a glimpse of what it can do for marketing. RPA bots can send automated emails to your clients, potential customers, extract data for analysis, social media monitoring, and more.
  • Data Extraction and Reporting: Moving your data from DB2 shouldn’t be a pain anymore. RPA bots can easily move the data in a usable format. RPA bots can download data from your CRM solution, analytics solutions, and social media; and then it creates reports and sends it across to concerned stakeholders.
  • Audits: RPA bots can perform mock verifications for any regulatory compliance about systems software.
  • Machine Monitoring: RPA bots can send notifications to the concerned engineer about server breakage and network outage issues which might affect critical tasks in running and potentially save thousands of dollars due to damages or client loss.

Business Benefits you can reap by leveraging RPA

  • Improved Productivity: Automation can ramp your productivity by automating workflows and saving time on redundant tasks, be it customer services, lead notifications, data pull, or ticketing.
  • Increased Revenue: Revenue for the organization drastically increases as automation saves cost and speeds up tasks, especially in Marketing and Sales teams.
  • Customer Experience: Automating workflows reduce errors and delay which is a part and parcel of manual work. Customers/clients are given resolutions quicker than expected.
  • Cost Efficient: Automation doesn’t just speed up your work, it also eliminates manual intervention. Thus, eliminating the need to employ a resource to do mundane tasks, organizations can invest those unused dollars in high revenue yielding tasks.


Above are reasons why you as a technology leader should strongly consider implementing automation for your iSeries systems this year.

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