‘Great’ is a myth before it is realized. So is the state of software development with most product vendors. Tangible expectations like quality and time to market are hygiene factors for organizations that are built to last. Unspoken concerns for most CTOs and product owners are often lack of transparency and the management overhead invested on engineering teams – in-house or otherwise. Too much supervision required defeats the sole purpose of delegation.

Its often the fear of change that maintains the status quo for most. However, those willing to explore the sea of possibilities are rewarded with predictable outcomes.

If you want something to be done right, do it yourself. Or Put processes in place and follow what the metrics say.

What you need from your software development partner

Facts such as missed deadlines, poor deliverables, unpredictable fixes and many others might be mere symptoms of graver causes. For the situation to change, underlying causes need to be addressed. From experience we know what matters to you, for harnessing the benefits of a software development partnership.


Taking the mysticism out of execution so you can see what’s happening on the ground, through data

Disciplined processes

Enabling real-time transparency, trail of documentation, automation (CI/CD), escalation, customer support etc.


Agile not just as an SDLC methodology but to your changing business priorities, needs and requests


Not just for timelines but for code quality, process, technical & functional decisions – the whole 9 yards


That a relationship deserves so that you arent the only one doing the heavy lifting

Ease of management

‘Owning’ responsibilities, with minimum supervision and scaling up/down without too much effort from you

1 stop shop

To minimize the time you would otherwise spend sieving through potential candidates for different needs

Aid adoption

So that the solution developed is not only functionally accurate but also ensures usability, without you saying it out loud

Initiatives we can help you with

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End-to-end development

From ideation to release, we assume ownership and accountability of engineering, so you can focus on your customers

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Redefine UX

Boost end user productivity by revolutionizing user experience that your solution offers

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Mobile enablement

Extending your solutions’ reach to mobile platforms appealing sensibilities of modern users

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Infuse intelligence

Enabling your end users with decision making abilities aided through analytics, deductive and predictive

Business Benefits we help you reap


Traceable quality

Predictable outcomes

Better economics

How to start the journey?

We don’t have a silver bullet for all your challenges. We do however, have the knowhow and the intent to address those for you. The form below could be a great way to know how!