‘Adapt to Survive’ has always been the rule of thumb for all successful institutions. Now the technological revolution has added more weightage to the equation. Businesses are feeling the heat to pursue operational excellence by focusing on cost-efficiency and process accuracy to dictate outcomes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services open doors to new possibilities that win the game for embracers by digitally closing gaps that hinder optimum outcomes.

RPA bots tirelessly take up manual and repetitive tasks to improve the accuracy of decisions, actions, responsiveness, and consistency in quality – all that with diminishing costs. This allows the human intellect to combat the more critical tasks like analytical, reasoning, and judgment. With intelligent automation implemented by a competent RPA vendor, your business is transformed into a super agile and competitive force!

What can RPA do for you?

Data Handling
Data Handling

From paper, portals, audio/voice, images, databases, emails, spreadsheets, audio; Scrape Enter Data, API Call, Clipboard

Perform Operation
Perform Operation

Assign tasks and trigger workflows, alerts, notifications, Calculations, Decision Making, and Iteration

Apply Intelligence
Apply Intelligence

Cognitive human tasks, Natural Language, Processing (NLP), ML, AI, Vision/Voice technologies, Computer Vision, Cognitive, Data Models

Perform Actions
Perform Actions

Administration/Customer Service requests, Connect process Islands, Mouse Keyboard Actions, Communicate with Apps, File/Folder Manipulation

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organizational performance

Benefits of RPA-driven business transformation

  • 100% process Accuracy, Data Cleansing & min. duplication
  • Zero Human Errors; Irreversible process maturity
  • Improved Compliance
  • Audit Logs
  • Details status Reports
  • 4 x Human Speed
  • Works 24/7/365; faster and accurate outcomes
  • Reduced TAT
  • Real-time process monitoring and action
  • Multitasking
  • 75% Reduced Operational cost
  • Reduced training expenses/ High ROI
  • Payback in less than 6 months
  • Fatigueless bots imply appealing economics
  • Low development cost
  • Effective use of Staff
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Better administration/ Enhanced Customer Interactions
  • Employee/ stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Enhanced User Experience
Implementation & security
  • Short-term development
  • Reusable Components
  • No changes to existing Infra
  • Role-based Access/ audit trails
  • Secured/ Zero-touch Environment
  • No data randomness/variability

Ride the automation wave with Nalashaa


Over 45 implementations across 4 continents


Saved ~9700 man-years worth of effort, and counting

Bots Deployed

100+ bots deployed in action

RPA Development

Over 30K hours of RPA development experience

Timely Delivery

95% timely delivery

Implementations Spanning

Implementations spanning 7 industry verticals

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