Taking Business Efficiency a Notch Higher: 100 Processes that RPA can Automate for your AS400/IBM i ERP.

IBM machines have their share of shortcomings when pitted against modern options. One such glitch of the systems is the need for a large number of manual inputs that cause inefficiencies. Here we evaluate how enterprises on RPG-based ERPs can transform their workflows to realize higher efficiency, lower costs, and happier stakeholders by leveraging the wonderful capabilities of RPA.

This whitepaper touches upon 100 common ERP processes that should be automated for enhanced outcomes.

10 distinct areas including Sales, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Marketing, and more that offer ample scope for the implementation of automation.

A look at how RPA works to boost the performance of AS400/IBM i ERPs and a list of traits (non-invasive nature, ease of implementation, etc.) that make RPA a favorite with enterprises.

A time-tested approach for implementing RPA. The implementation method also presents a comprehensive framework to measure the success of the move.