How can RPA Services be the Solution to Human Resource Problems?

Dec 28, 2022 Mohit Sharma

A Human Resource team is integral to the functioning of any business, given the key role it plays in the entire business ecosystem. From handpicking the right candidates, to grooming and ensuring professional growth, to smoothening the exit – HR is the business function that poses like a Swiss army Knife.
However, a day in the life of an HR Team includes multiple repetitive tasks such as documentation and form filling, searching and filtering candidates, etc. Ultimately, a people-first team ends up doing manual tasks over helping business and employees.

Don’t Fear, Automation is Here!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that has been around for a while. But did you know that you can use RPA services to automate HR tasks? Let’s explore how!

Lightning-quick Screening Process

Screening is also one of the most important HR processes, and when done efficiently, it enables organizations to bring in star performers. While Talent Acquisition teams need to go through a large number of profiles (which will only increase with the organization’s size), they also have to be attentive. Else, they could miss out on people that can make an impact.
RPA’s rule-based algorithms can help talent scouts set filters to automatically reject profiles that don’t fit the requirement. What’s more – based on the filtered list, automated rejection letters can be sent to candidates with minimal effort. In the end, RPA services ensure that a small percentage of highly relevant profiles are left for screening, allowing the required human touch to factor into the screening process.

Effortless Organizational Compliance

The strict nature of labor laws sees businesses taking organizational compliance very seriously. This essentially means that there’s no room for slip-ups, which in turn sees several hours of manual effort from the HR team.
RPA employs bots to ensure that all actions taken in the business (by both – humans and bots) are recorded. With this, auditors can access end-to-end data at any time in the event of a compliance audit, as each log records the ‘what’, ‘when’, and ‘how’ of the action taken. At the same time, RPA bots can also help in identifying non-compliant actions through which businesses can deploy course correction measures.

Hassle-free Exits

Exits can be tricky since they deal with employees who are soon going to be out of the system. HR teams need documents in place, multiple sign-offs, handovers, etc., and also a way to have a bird’s eye view over everything. Here the chances of manual errors are plenty.
Businesses can automate the entire exit process by simply combining RPA with Optimal Character Recognition (OCR). With this combination, RPA bots are empowered to automate document processing workflows and extract necessary insights from the data. It also notified every stakeholder in the exit process at every step, ensuring a smooth exit.

In Conclusion:

Without Robotic Process Automation services, the HR team needs to go through a lot of manual effort which also creates the possibility of errors. Taking the help of an RPA service provider can enable businesses to automate these processes effortlessly!

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