The world has been forced indoors by the ongoing pandemic. With 88% organizations requiring employees to work remotely and 97% business travel cancelled, work from home became the new normal. Businesses rapidly adopted cloud technologies to keep operations running. This trend, in turn, has boosted both business and innovation opportunities for ISVs in 2021.

Today, ISVs are expected to adapt to the accelerating market, stay ahead of the competition, and cater to the demands of the customer, all at the same time. And one such trending demand is for business mobile applications. With the advent of the mobile-first strategy, businesses are increasingly enquired about mobile version of their solutions. But before c app development process abruptly, ISVs must understand why it is an integral part of business in the coming future.

Why Going Mobile is Imperative for Businesses in the post-Covid-19 age?

The rampant penetration of mobile has made it to the B2B industry as well, cascading from the B2C set-up. Since the Covid-19 pandemic has confined people to their homes, businesses and employees have largely been using mobile applications to keep operations running. Today, decision-makers are relying heavily on their mobile phones to monitor and control their workflows and keep their team connected and productive.

Here are a few advantages of mobile solutions that make them an integral part of any modern business ecosystem:


Even in the post Covid-19 economy, the practice of remote work will be as relevant as it is today, with employees choosing to work at their comfort.

  • Owing to the handiness and accessibility of mobile apps, they are easy to monitor and control critical business processes. With a custom app, users can stay connected with their teams and gain ubiquitous access to their business data.
  • Mobile apps come with APIs that allow interaction with native apps, making it easier for customers and businesses to implement processes and share data with external stakeholders.


Coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge, since it pushed many businesses into a recession. Business goals must be in-line with a cost-effective strategy to be part of the economy once again, and custom mobile apps are a great tool to that end.

  • Mobile apps reduce marketing costs by expanding the reach of the business and establishing uninterrupted communication with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Mobile apps perform quicker, paving way for easier automation. This allows for reduced manual intervention, thereby reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency.


Surviving in the post-Covid-19 economy is possible only with the assistance of a well-knit framework of loyal customers. With personalized content which amounts to better user experience, customers and business prefer to use mobile apps over desktop versions.

  • With constant push notifications, reminders and alerts, that increase engagement, mobile apps boost conversions in lesser cost and time.
  • Mobile apps allow for prompt query support and customized loyalty programs, delighting customers with perks which bring in higher conversions for businesses.


The Covid-19 pandemic had businesses reducing their staff in order to reduce the operational overheads. With lesser employees in hand, it is crucial to have the best technologies to keep track of business processes.

  • Mobile apps aid in inventory management, better than manual management, with constant updates as to the stock availability and unavailability.
  • Businesses can plan their inventory restocking and streamline their expenditure with inventory stock updates.

A study carried out by Google, in partnership with The Boston Consulting Group, suggests that more than 40% of revenue decisions in leading B2B companies are influenced by better mobile experiences.

Also, 90% of B2B buyers prefer the same vendor owing to a superior mobile experience.


App development partners are the go-to resources when it comes to developing optimized business mobile applications. With streamlined processes, seasoned professionals, and top-notch technology infrastructure in place, competent app development firms promise quality products, timely delivery, and reliable support.

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