42 percent of organizations expect to increase spending on mobile app development by an average of 31 percent in 2016 ” – Gartner

How can you get your app out the fastest?

Previously, if you needed a mobile presence across platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows, you needed to write code for 3 different apps. Also you would need folks with very different skill sets who can work on these apps for you; Objective C for iOS, Java for Android and C# for Windows. Xamarin has changed all that.

Xamarin gives you a native app with about 70 – 100% code sharing across platforms.
Why should you use Xamarin?
Code Sharing

Save precious time and resources by reusing high performance C# code across platforms

Build Economically

Less code to be written and fewer developers, both translates to dollars saved!

Automated Testing

Test each app automatically with over 2000 devices on Xamarin cloud

Native UI

Xamarin.forms helps to develop Native UI across platforms with a single shared C# codebase

How does Xamarin achieve it?

Native User Interfaces – Built with standard, native user interface controls

Native Performance – Platform specific hardware acceleration, compiled for best performance

Native API Access – Access to all native platform capabilities ensuring a total native app outcome

C# Code base – Along with Visual studio, makes it the simplest app building solution out there.

Xamarin Architecture

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