Java in Software Product Engineering: The Long-Lasting Edge

Aug 28, 2023

Where technologies rise and fall, Java has emerged as a stalwart that stands the test of time....

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Connecting the dots for an IoT scenario

Jun 15, 2016

Today IoT is a buzz word in the market. But, what is IOT- Internet of Things?Internet of things is all about collecting and managing massive amount of data from a rapidly growing network of devices and sensors, processing the data, and then sharing it with other connected things. Though we have already seen this in a limited sco...

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SQL Injection - A simple query which can manifest as a security concern

Jan 27, 2015

In my previous blog,  I focused on the security issues associated with broken authentication and session management concerns. Here I shall focus on the security and the vulnerability quotient of an application.I will discuss about the threats and their possible solutions. I will also mention few tools that aid the hacker in outs...

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Strategies for Web Application Performance Optimization

Jan 23, 2015

Know yourself and know your enemies, use you ammunition to annihilate the enemies. So before going for a war, first figure out whether you have enemies (performance issues). Is your application not meeting the performance benchmark? There is always scope of improvement, albeit in diminishing returns, so your performance work wou...

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Addressing Security Concerns in Software Product Engineering Services with Robust Authentication and Session Management

Dec 19, 2014

This blog post showcases the need for protecting user’s password, the password habits that the application should enforce to the end user, and the practices that a developer should follow to secure a user’s information, especially the session information. This blog will also focus on aspects of session management.Some key ...

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