Software product engineering services are an essential part of today's digital landscape, providing innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes. However, with the increasing reliance on software products comes the growing concern for security. In this blog, we will discuss one of the major security concerns in software product engineering services - Broken Authentication and Session Management. We will explore how robust authentication and session management can address these concerns and provide top software development services for ISVs and enterprises in the USA.

Security Business Case

Security is a crucial aspect of any business that provides software product engineering services, with authentication and session management being among the most significant concerns. The broken authentication and session management mechanism is a common security issue that often goes unnoticed. For instance, an authenticated user on a shopping site may inadvertently post a sale link on Facebook, not realizing that their session ID is included in the URL. A miscreant can then exploit this vulnerability to steal their credits on the website. Similarly, leaving a browser authenticated on a public computer can provide attackers with an opportunity to hijack a user's session.

Safety Measures

Password Management

Some key aspects to bear in mind:

  1. User should be prompted to create a fairly complex password, with no reference to previous passwords
  2. User should be allowed to enter password only limited number of times in case of wrong passwords. Details (time stamp) of previous successful login and failed attempts should be emailed or sent as a text to a linked cellphone.
  3. Passwords right or wrong should not be captured in log. Anyone having access to the log can hijack the user’s account.
  4. Only a single password change mechanism should be present.
  5. Whenever, the user changes any of their personal credentials such as a linked email, he should be asked to authenticate again. If ignored, the attacker my gain access to the session, may change the email to his own, and can request for a forgotten password.

Password Protection

Thumb rules for password protection:

  1. All passwords stored should be either hashed or encrypted using cryptographic hashing techniques such as Hash functions like SHA256, SHA512, RipeMD, and WHIRLPOOL. In case of encryption, decryption keys should be securely protected.
  2. Always protect the login transaction using SSL. The user session too should be protected via SSL, the session id of the user cannot be hacked off the network.
  3. Always use a POST for any form of session related submission. No Cache tags (PRAGMA:NO-CACHE and CACHE-CONTROL:NO-CACHE) should be used to prevent resubmitting login credentials using back button. Using these caches takes the forward request to origin server.
  4. Session should always be invalidated after a certain time, if the application is not in use.

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