As Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are being lifted, businesses are looking to grab their window of opportunity. With technology innovations hastening their pace, ISVs have a lot of catching up to do to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.

For enterprises looking to further themselves in the market, mobile apps is one way to ensure stable business growth in the post-Covid-19 world. But the road to the ideal business mobile app is marked by certain obstacles and must be dealt with to ensure optimum outcomes.


Given that mobile apps are an effective tool to expand existing business horizons and increase revenue, the development process involves certain prerequisites and effective planning. Here are a few roadblocks, one is likely to face while developing an app.

Data Management & Privacy

Stepping into the post-Covid-19 economy will be challenging, with work from home still in force. With majority of the workforce working from the comfort of their surroundings, mobile apps will be preferred to get work done. Native apps can affect the privacy of official data, making it crucial for businesses to ensure well laid out data management and privacy rules on their apps.

  • Users will not indulge in mobile apps that do not promise a safe and secure environment to store and share their data.
  • Lack of data management workflows and well-drafted privacy policies could tarnish customer relations and hold the vendor guilty of cybersecurity mishaps.

Budget Allocation

Many businesses are grappling with financial woes induced by the Covid-19 pandemic. An optimized budget plan is a prerequisite to building mobile apps. A well laid out budget would help the team run through the project smoothly with the right resources allocated at every step.

  • Lack of expertise in setting up the app development processes could extend the allocated budget owing to an unplanned scope creeping in.
  • An uninformed allocation of the budget could hinder the app development process with insufficient funds, resulting in insufficient resource allocation.

Scarcity of Resources

A familiar yet dreaded phase during the Covid-19 pandemic was when employees were laid off from all sectors and industries.

  • Lack of mobile app experts and best-in-the-industry infrastructure would pose a serious threat to the app development process.
  • Businesses do not have the knowledge required to scale mobile apps if and when required. Maintaining an app could turn out to be an expensive affair if not addressed by seasoned experience.


Developing a mobile app is no child’s play. Other than the obvious benefits of having an experienced team working on building mobile apps, outsourcing app development to a partner can reap several business benefits, such as:

Increased Efficiency at Reduced Cost

  • App development partners have well-laid out processes and resources to ensure premium quality mobile apps are built at a quicker pace.
  • With seasoned experts and top-notch technology infrastructure, they can complete the app development in lesser time, helping businesses reduce cost as compared to building apps in-house.

Reliable Support

  • Developing an app is just the beginning. Outsourcing to app development partners would ensure all customer queries are dealt with and solved as quickly as possible.
  • In the case of future upgrades or revamps, app development partners would be instrumental.

Assured Security and Regulatory Compliance

  • With expertise comes experience, and with it comes an in-depth understanding of security and data management regulations that need to be incorporated in a typical app development process.
  • Partners have data privacy and security experts working on the apps, minimizing the risk of accidental security violations, which could cost businesses big bucks in penalties.


With our extensive experience in providing software engineering services to ISVs, Nalashaa is more than capable of empowering ISVs with engaging and easy-to-maintain mobile apps. With us, you can experience business agility by transforming your services into mobile applications, with the best-in-line technologies and customer-centric approach.

Here is how we approach a mobile app development assignment:

Strategize and Analyze

  • 40 hours of complimentary assessment to develop a strategy that aligns with the client’s business goals and requirements.
  • Prepare a roadmap and identify the required skill set based on assessment results, prioritizing the business requirements and delivery milestones.

Design, Development, and Testing

  • The team designs a mock-up and develops an app in-line with the design, complete with functionalities.
  • The app is developed via DevOps pipelines and undergoes all forms of testing - experience, performance, functionality, and load.

Upgrades with 24/7 Support

  • Upgrade the mobile app solution as and when required, be it industry-specific or to improve user experience.
  • The client gets unhindered access to a support team with extensive experience in resolving client-facing issues.
ISVs are increasingly moving or upgrading their solutions to fit mobile platforms and you should do the same. Connect with our experts at Nalashaa and get your solutions ‘app’lified.