The first two decades were a bonanza for AS400 users as the modern applications were yet to be born & there was an abundance of programmers and developers showing deep interest in the machine. Over the years, both the hardware and the software have undergone numerous revisions, upgrades, and nomenclature changes to keep up with the industry dynamics. But in the last few years as the AS400 systems continued to age, newer and better systems kept pouring in. This not only deserted the resource pool but also made the operational processes cumbersome and expensive.

With Work From Home becoming the new normal, there has been a gigantic shift in workplace traditions in the past one year. Companies running on modern applications seem to have adapted pretty well but the ones on AS400 are crumbling under the chronological wheel and are facing a multitude of challenges. These challenges mainly include recruiting well-trained IT professionals and creating backups, managing IT operations, filling the gaps in the inherent AS400 security, rising maintenance costs, and many more.

Update your IBMi ecosystem – Now!

For the CIO of an AS400-enterprise, it gets difficult to manage operational processes due to lack of sufficient data, cloud access, multi-platform support, real-time access to data, less or no automation, siloed IT systems, etc. Furthermore, the existing AS400 workforce is approaching retirement while the ones associated with modern applications have just stepped in or have a long way to go, and expecting the same productivity from these two age groups would simply be a waste. Hence, it is high time decision-makers knuckled down to find the best way out to keep up with their competitors, as the time spent vacillating can cost them in terms of money, security, and skill.

Authorities either need to step up their AS400 environment or upgrade to a new system. Migrating from the IBM system is certainly a massive and resource-hungry undertaking that might require years to realize the ROI. Below, are a few quick-win solutions that you would want to top your AS400 system with to escalate its performance:

  • Data Engineering and access to real-time insights: To inculcate precision in your decisions, you need more quality data than you needed before the onset of the pandemic. Data engineering can help you filter out poor quality data that’s inhabiting your AS400 system, and improve the efficiency as well as the output for data-driven processes
  • Modern CRM systems: Amongst the AS400 population, only a handful have employed CRM, while the rest are still slogging their way through manually handled Excel sheets. Human errors add negative points to your performance and you can’t afford that. Deploying CRM will give an extra edge to businesses that are currently on AS400, by automating workflows, organizing and interpreting data accurately, and contributing to the overall customer engagement.
  • Centralized security capabilities: AS400 is one of the most secure systems but the security deemed as premier in the 1980s, might not be your best shot in 2021. Restructuring the security algorithm, setting up rigid security policies and regular monitoring and auditing is the only way out for enterprises at this time.
  • RPA: Minimize mundane manual tasks with automation bots and facilitate productivity. Automation helps dilute miscellaneous complications and lubricates workflow by plucking out the repetitive tasks. Integrate your existing AS400 with RPA for improved compliance, audit logs, detailed status reports, and an enhanced user experience.
  • Extend accessibility with web & mobile: AS400 extension to web and mobile offers better visibility into the workflow, provides access to business information on the go, and augments team engagement. Enterprises can transform their 5250 greenscreens into web pages to boost AS400 performance without changing the source code.

How can we help you?

We, at Nalashaa, have been in the AS400 meadow for over a decade now, helping enterprises maintain their IBMi environment. Whether it’s AS400 modernization, support, or maintenance that you’re looking for, we have a plan of action for all your needs.

However, if AS400 transformation is something that you’ve been pondering upon, you might want to consider the following:

  • Cloud engineering: Re-engineer AS400 into a microservices architecture on the cloud leveraging modern technology stack.
  • AS400 Modernization: Modernize the 5250 green screens with the help of API to enhance user experience.
  • AI for core business processes: AI can help AS400 businesses increase their sales, improve customer experience, detect treachery, automate workflow, and provide predictive analysis.

That being said, if you’re someone who is facing troubles with the basic groundwork of mapping out a plan, our AS400 consultation services take care of all your queries and skepticism. Our AS400 experts understand the current state of your business/IT systems and suggest possible digital transformation techniques that would make better sense for you. Get in touch to leverage our years of experience in the arena of AS400 and make your business future-proof.