Why Your AS400 System Can't Sail Smooth Without Expert Support

Mar 15, 2022

AS400 has been around for three decades now and the users’ faith in it is as strong as its systems’ integrity and durability to run modern applications. ...

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Performance Management for IBM i: A step towards excellence

Jun 08, 2021

When it comes to performance, AS400 is second to none. But what’s buried under the confetti is its archival performance management strategies. ...

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Give IBMi Machines Space to Breathe. Migrate Jobs to the Cloud.

Mar 18, 2021

Even after 30 years of continuous technological evolution, AS400 still stands strong as the solid, one-word answer to most of the business operations across mid and large-size enterprises. ...

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Make Your IBM iSeries Current and Future-ready

Nov 30, 2020

If the two statements resonate with you, you ought to read on, as you might just hit the silver bullet to redeem your AS400 system....

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Integrate Your IBM AS400/iSeries with the Modern World

Oct 31, 2020

IBM i/AS400 is over three decades old but its popularity remains unchallenged even today. With the system still hosting mission-critical tasks for organizations across verticals, AS400 is anything but obsolete. ...

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Facelifting IBM i Applications for the Modern User

Oct 08, 2020

Ever since its arrival over three decades ago, IBM i/AS400 has been synonymous with performance and reliability. It’s not without reason that major corporations around the world continue to bet on it for hosting mission-critical tasks of their organizations. ...

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Enhancing the Efficiency of IBMi Through Automation

Sep 23, 2020

RPA can enhance the functionality of IBM i and eliminate the need to invest time and effort in activities such as invoice processing, updating ERP, pulling email attachments, data entry, report pulling, data validation, etc. ...

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Worrying about the future of IBMi? Here are some facts!

Aug 17, 2020

In the late 80s, the concept of enterprise systems was nascent and business leaders were in the dark about the implications of running operations with a disruptive system with tightly integrated hardware, software, security, and database. ...

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