RPA can enhance the functionality of IBM i and eliminate the need to invest time and effort in activities such as invoice processing, updating ERP, pulling email attachments, data entry, report pulling, data validation, etc. By automating repetitive and tedious tasks, users can unleash the true potential of their AS400/IBM i system.

Regardless of the industry you serve, if the core of your operations rests on an AS400/IBM i system, you gotta read on. Even with all modern applications around, the reason why IBM i is still the first choice of countless businesses is its rock-solid reliability. No matter your industry, if your core operations rely on an AS400/IBM i system, keep reading. Despite modern alternatives, the IBM i performance makes it a top choice for its reliability, scalability, and flexibility. Recent advancements address maintenance, resource scarcity, and compatibility concerns, while cloud hosting ensures long-term relevance.

So, what’s the concern?

In today's ever-changing market, businesses strive to meet consumer demands while maximizing productivity and profitability. Industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, and Banking encounter common obstacles: manual processes, error-prone reporting, and escalating operational costs. Overcoming these challenges demands strategic solutions customized to each sector's requirements, enhancing efficiency and fostering growth in a dynamic environment. These are the barriers that are keeping you from unleashing the true potential of your IBMi/AS400 system. When the management and staff invest time and effort in non-value-adding activities like data entry, report pulling, data validation, and the like, you can’t fully extract what your AS400/IBM i setup is capable of delivering.

How do you bridge this blatant gap in your ecosystem?

You've likely come across the term 'Robotic Process Automation' or 'RPA' in conversations. If you haven't explored it yet, here's the scoop: RPA is your operational savior. It employs digital bots to handle repetitive tasks such as invoice processing, ERP updates, email attachments, failure notifications, and more. Within your IBM i ecosystem, RPA can replicate any screen-based repetitive process, revolutionizing your operations and boosting efficiency.

The technology allows your workforce to focus on its core expertise in areas requiring human intelligence and judgment. By now, you might have cerebrally calculated (at least attempted) the benefits that RPA delivers. The following list might come handy in your endeavor.

  • Efficiency Boost: RPA boosts your workflow, saving time and effort for your team.
  • Error Elimination: Bid farewell to mistakes—RPA ensures precise outcomes, minimizing data-related losses.
  • 24/7 Uptime: Enjoy uninterrupted efficiency, reducing reliance on staff and operational costs.
  • Scalability: Easily expand operations with object cloning, simplifying growth processes.
  • Process Transparency: RPA leaves a clear trail, making it easy to track workflows and spot anomalies.
  • Application Interaction: Seamlessly integrate with multiple applications, ensuring system harmony.

Here’s your RPA for business encyclopedia

Select use cases for AS400/IBM i applications

Financial Operations - Accounting, data entry, invoicing, tax calculation, receipt tracking, payment status.

Human Resources - Track timesheets, calculate employee benefits, store & retrieve documents, issue employee onboarding information.

Retail – Inventory/sales audit, returns processing, assigning shifts, tracking attendance, customer support, supply chain monitoring.

Procurement – Purchase order generation, requisition approvals, invoice processing, MRO re-orders, contract management, category management, supplier relationship management.

Logistics - Shipment scheduling, inventory tracking, order processing & payments, vehicle tracking.

Bottom line: The AS400/IBM i - RPA duo closely resembles the silver bullet that you are desperately looking for to prepare your business for what’s next. With mission-critical processes running on the ever-dependable AS400 setup, RPA joins the party to complement the composition by automating non-core tasks, thus clearing the path ofAS400/IBM i for a smooth ride.

Associated Risks

Worrying if RPA would mess up (or at least interfere with) the data/process integrity of your current structure?

Let this soothe your nerves:

RPA simulates activities by sitting on top of IT systems — without the need to create, change, or develop expensive platforms. The software works only with the presentation layer of applications and doesn’t touch data or business logic directly.

Count on Our Expertise to Boost Your IBM i Performance!

At Nalashaa, our IBM i/AS400 wizards work in close coordination to deliver the ‘automation-push’ for your AS400 setup. We can optimize your IBM i environment and make it future-ready to handle high transactional workloads for a competitive advantage. We ensure frictionless IBM i -RPA compatibility and infuse flexibility into your processes, enabling you to realize a world of new possibilities.

  • Auto entry of information into IBM i -based ERP/CRM
  • Data extraction from 5250 screens
  • Deploying smart chatbots
  • Customer self-service portals on AS400/IBM i applications
  • AS400 Back office automation
  • Automating complex green-screen applications and screen changes
  • Use automation to simplify the training on green screen applications

If the pseudo-limitations of your current AS400-based workflows are tainting your service quality and upsetting your ROI, this brief intro on RPA for IBM i has probably struck a chord with you. If it did, then our effort has paid off.

Delineating all the wonders that RPA can do to your AS400/IBM i configuration is beyond the scope of this blog. To do that, we need to book your calendar. Leave your details and worries below.