Robotics Process Automation – Revolutionizing IT Industry

Within IT organizations or any other industry, automation is the new entrant and is here to stay!

Robotics Process Automation – giving way to Artificial Intelligence?  A speedy approach? Or error free technology? Or Productivity?

Why is automation maturing now?

According to industry statistics, 30-40% of project costs are rework. Automation is a natural error-preventer, which never sleeps, never gets distracted, can’t be confused, never takes a vacation, and is incapable of making a mistake. With big data trends, and lots of attention on the importance of connecting systems, applications & information, even the most complicated ones are among the most valuable processes to automate.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a set of technologies that uses software as a Virtual FTE to complete a business process integrating existing software applications in a more robust manner than a person today.

For each process a person needs to interact with a number of applications that include SAP, PeopleSoft, CRMs, CPQ, ERP, ADP and many internal applications, documents, PDFs and spreadsheets.

RPA- Technology Evolution